Hirekolale Lake

Another well-liked destination in Chikmagalur is the serene Hirekolale Lake, which is located at a distance offf 23 kms from the Karthik Estate Cottages and at the base of the well-known Mullayyanagiri hills amid all the stunning verdant foliage and enormous mountain ranges. The massive mountains of the western ghats that sorround the lake enhance its beauty even more- making it a favourite spot for those who enjoy the outdoors.

This stunning artificial lake is located roughly 50 km from Kemmangundi and 10 km from Chikmagalur.

Twilight is the best time when the lake offers the most captivating views of the surroundings, and most visitors would rather not miss it. Enthusiasts of photography will especially enjoy the sunset shots and the surrounding greenery of Mullayyanagiri Hills, which encircle the lake.

If you are considering a solo trip or a family trip to Chikmagalur, you should not miss this magnificent lake, which is a breathtaking delight for all visitors. You can have the ideal escape from the bustle of the city at Hirekolale Lake, where you can spend time with your loved ones and friends.