Ettina Bhuja

The term Ettina Bhuja refers to the “OX’s Shoulder” as its peak resembles the shape of an ox’s shoulder and is also called “Shishila Gudda” by the local natives.  This magnificent peak is located at an approximate distance of 53 km from the Karthik Estate Cottages, Chikmagalur. 

The Peak surrounds the Charmadi Ghats of Karnataka and is located near the temple town of Dharmasthala standing tall at an altitude of 4265 ft. It offers scenic views and a small 3-hour trek to adventure enthusiasts. During the trek, one can find many bamboo and cane plantations. The trek ranges from easy to moderate and starts at 6 a.m. and goes till 3 p.m. only.  

Make sure to add the cascade valley of Ettina Bhuja to your list whenever planning your stay with us in Chikmagalur