A trip to the Mullayanagiri hills is a must when visiting Chikkmagalur. Located at a distance of only 20 kms from the Kartik Estate Cottages– it is the highest point in the Western Ghats is the breathtaking cliffs. The distances are roughly 20 km to Chikmagalur and 23 km to the renowned Baba Budan giri. Standing at a height of 1950 metres above sea level, Mullayanagiri is impressive.

Travelers enjoy their trip to the hills because of their serene atmosphere. The misty weather, craggy rocks, and verdant fields all contribute to the area’s allure.

The caves at the top lead straight to the garbhagudi of the temple and are not deep enough. But the priests who live there have now closed this entry.

Sarpadhari is the starting point of the 3 km hiking route. You can complete the trail in 1.5 to 2 hours, despite its steep 60 degree inclination.

With the assistance of knowledgeable trekking guides, you can go for a full tour of the area and reach the summit. Full-day treks that include lunch and dinner as well as camping accommodations can also be reserved.

You can see the Nandi statue, a tiny stream, and a cave with a tiny water source en route to the summit. The early hours of the day offer the most breathtaking views of Mullayanagiri and the Western Ghats, as well as a stunning sunrise.