In Kannada, Kudremukh literally translates to “Horse’s Face.” The peak’s unusual shape is the source of its name. Because Samse village used to be able to reach it, this was also known historically as Samseparvath.

Nestled in the center of the Western Ghats in the district of Chikmagaluru, is Kudremukh Peak. It is included in the second-largest wildlife protected area in the Western Ghats, Kudremukh National Park. And its 85 Kms away from the Karthik Estate Cottages, Chikmagalur.

At 6,207 feet, it is the third-highest peak in Karnataka, behind Baba Budan giri and Mullayyangiri.

The journey through the foggy valleys and undulating green hills is breathtaking. You pass through numerous tiny streams, forests, and grasslands. To get to the Kudremukh peak, you have to trek through the dense shola forest.

Many types of flora and wildlife can be found at Kudremukh. If you’re lucky while trekking, you may even come across many species like peacocks and deer’s! Leeches are available in this section for every step during the monsoon season. Some of the rarest species of frogs in the area can also be found in the forest.

The waterfalls and tiny streams in this area are among its most fascinating features. The route to the summit requires you to cross numerous streams. You might occasionally need to moisten your shoes in order to cross.