Hiremagalur (Kodandarama Temple)

Situated in Hiremagalur’s (Chikmagalur) Sampangi Rama Nagar, Kodandarama Temple is a sacred shrine honouring Hindu Lord Rama. The bow of Lord Rama is denoted by the term “Kodandarama.” The main idol in this place is Lord Rama holding a bow; this is how the temple got its name. And which is located 22 kilometers away from the Karthik Estate Cottages, Chikmagalur

In addition to its religious importance, Kodandarama is renowned for its exquisitely carved idols and temple architecture. The location of the main shrine is exactly in the center of the temple. Huge idols of Lord Rama can be seen here, with Sri Lakshmana to his left and Goddess Sita to his right.

The powerful River Tungabhadra flows next to the Kodandarama Temple, making it a popular location for water sports enthusiasts. There is a Chakratirtha ghat directly in front of the main entrance to the temple, where countless numbers of pilgrims bathe in the river water for spiritual purposes. Hindu mythology holds that this location is extremely auspicious.

The temple’s architecture is attractive, and it stands atop a sizable area of land. Any enormous pillars you encounter here have different ancient and mediaeval sculptures engraved on them. The three main idols are located in the central holy sanctum, which is carved in the shape of a rectangle. If you understand the fundamentals of architecture, you will notice right away that the temple combines elements of Hoysala architecture.