Muthodi Forest Safari

Upon your visit to the famous Chikmagalur, make sure to also visit the Muthodi Forest Camp, which is thought to be the most well-liked area of Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Chikmagalur. The place is located 32 Kms away from the town of Chikmagalur and 25 kms from the Karthik Estate Cottages.

Hebbe falls, Lakkavalli, and Tanigebylu are additional areas that comprise the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. When visitors arrive at the Muthodi Forest Camp they have the opportunity to see a variety of animals, including tigers, sambhar, elephants, spotted deers, and gaurs, to name a few.

In this place visitors can also spot a variety of bird species. Visitors may opt to take part in the Forest Department’s nature camp, which is hosted here. Those who want to spend the night can rent wooden cottages or tents amidst the lush greenery.